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kalb lozeh
Mar Mousa convent
Mar Mousa
The church in Izra'a
St. Simon
St. Hanania chapel
Saint Georges monastery
Saint Taqla
Saint Sergius
Mosaic Tel Adas church of St. George
Mar Mousa convent inside

This spiritual journey will lead you through paths carpeted with wildflowers and olive groves, whose perfumes interlace with a delicate scent of incense… You will emerge into a magic atmosphere which reigns in the sumptuous Islamic capitals of Damascus and Aleppo.

Syria also played an important role in the development of Christianity. Christianity spread very early among the gentiles and Damascus was the city where St. Paul first preached the Gospel of Christ. In the ancient Damascus the names and places you encounter directly remind of the events described in the New Testament: in the proximity of the Straight Street and the Ananias Chapel you may still hear the echo of the steps of St.-Paul slipping silently along and see the window carved in the wall of the Citadel through which he escaped the Roman… Syria has preserved a large number of ancient churches and chapels, monasteries and ruins of settlements dating back to the Byzantine era, which are linked with the famous Syrian saints and martyrs (St. Takla, St. Sergius, and St. Simeon).

You will be charmed by the antique, very early Christianized cities of Rasafeh and Bosra as well as by the picturesque villages perched in the rocks: Maaloula, where Aramaic, the language of Jesus, is still spoken, and Saidnaya home to the famous Monastery with the holly icon painted by St. Luke. The impressive Franc castles will remind you of the tormented era of the Crusades (the Krack des Chevaliers, the Saladin castle).
Syria is an ancient land and you will have the occasion to visit as well its most famous highlights that stretch far back beyond Islamic and Biblical times: Palmyra, Ugarit…

day 1 : Arrival at Damascus
day 2 : Kawkab, Damascus
day 3 : Saidnaya, Maaloula, Krack des Chevaliers, St. George, Tartus, Lattakia
day 4 : Ugarit, Saladin Castle, St.-Simeon, Aleppo
day 5 : Aleppo
day 6 : Rasafeh, Euphrates River, Deir ez-Zor
day 7 : Palmyra
day 8 : Palmyra, Damascus
day 9 : Bosra, Shahba, Damascus
day 10 : Departure from Damascus

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