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Memory of the Orient: Syria on the wings of glory of legendary heroes 8 days/7 nights.

This tour offers an excellent insight into Syria’s fascinating history. It selects the best sites of every age including outstanding archaeological sites (Palmyra, Ebla) and living ancient cities (Aleppo, Damascus. It invites its visitors to dream about the glory of the ancient times…
History in Syria comes alive through every stone of its ancient monuments, if you listen to them attentively they will tell you ancient stories of their famous residents: on the coast amidst the impregnable walls of the crusaders castles you will hear the roaring of swords and horses’ hooves shifting you into tormented period of Crusaders wars, nearby in the St. Simeon Monastery, stones of the shattered pillar weep prayers of St Simeon, the solitary monk who wanted to reach closer to the sky.
The haunted columns of the Roman city of Apamea whisper about the restless shadow of Cleopatra running after her beloved Anthon.
You will be stunned in Palmyra’s temples where the echo of majestic Gods cries the destiny of the rebellious Queen Zenobia, who dared to rival Rome.
And what secrets conceal the Phoenician Water Temple and the eternal creaking of the enormous Norias of Hama? Listening to a touching voice conveying to prayer, in the shade of fountains of splendid khans and palaces enveloped in the fragrance of orange trees and jasmine, or plunged in the mesmerizing labyrinths of souks in the heart of Damascus and Aleppo buzzing with life, you will dream of stories of one and Thousand nights that narrates Syria, this fascinating land, where you will feel that before centuries the time has stopped…

day 1 : Arrival Damascus

day 2 :Damascus
day 3 : Maaloula, Krack des Chevaliers, Tartus, Lattakia
day 4 : Ugarit, Saladin Castle, St. Simeon, Aleppo
day 5 : Aleppo
day 6 : Ebla, Apamea, Hama, Palmyra
day 7 : Palmyra, Damascus
day 8 : Departure from Damascus

Clasic Tour Long
History and geography have placed Syria on the boundaries with Mesopotamia, Anatolia and Egypt determining thus its crucial role in the history of civilization. This tour offers a journey backwards reaching till the dawn of time. The eternal memory of the Orient will reveal some of its jealously hidden secrets all across its land, with its multitude of delicate perfumes and succulent meals. You will travel through the Syrian steppe and open gate to the ancient glory of forgotten civilizations of the millinery cities and powerful Roman bastions scattered along the blue mythical Euphrates. In the harsh desert the fabled Palmyra will rise from sands with its thousand columns and palm trees, the monumental Temple of Bel, bathed in colors of the setting sun will dazzle you like a mirage…. You will encounter architectural marvels of the monuments of faith, as well as medieval military art of the imposing Crusader's Castles. You will be charmed by the ancient breeze that floats through the sumptuous Islamic capitals of Damascus and Aleppo and admire the jewel of Bosra, the immaculately preserved Roman amphitheater set in its unique corset of fortifications.

day 1 : Arrival at Damascus
day 2 : Damascus
day 3 :Maaloula, Krack des Chevaliers, Tartus, Lattakia
day 4 : Ugarit, Saladin Castle, St.-Simeon, Aleppo
day 5 : Aleppo
day 6 : Rasafeh, Euphrates River, Deir ez-Zor
day 7 : Mari, Dura Europos, Palmyra
day 8 : Palmyra, Damascus
day 9 : Bosra, Suweida, Shahba, Damascus
day 10 : Departure from Damascus

Travel through time: from Early Empires to jewels of the Umayyads 14 days/ 13 nights

Quite unjustifiably neglected, Syria has the finest antiquities and cities of any country in the Levant. This special tour offers a fascinating kaleidoscope of the Middle Eastern history. Since the dawn of history this land has been a cross-road where different peoples, cultures and empires have met, influenced each other and fought...Babylonians, Assyrians, Persians, Hittites, Greeks, Romans, the Umayyads, Abbasids, Crusaders and Ottomans.... Syrian sceneries unfold like pages of a history book where the antiquity and the rich heritage of our ancestors are recited in the open air. There's an abundance of amazing prehistoric sites both on the coast and in the fertile Euphrates valley (Ugarit, Mari, Ebla), the early Byzantine vestiges (St-Simeon) and jewels of the early Islamic art and architecture, impregnable Crusader castles such as the Krack des Chevaliers and the Qalat Saladin, major Roman remains of Palmyra and Apamea, Damascus the oldest inhabited city in the world and Aleppo which has retained the magic atmosphere of the fragrant ancient Orient. Syria is a genuine paradise for lovers of ancient architecture and archaeology.

day 1 :Arrival Damascus
day 2 : Damascus
day 3 : Maaloula, Krack des Chevaliers,Arwad Island, Amrit, Tartus
day 4 : Marqab Castle, Saladin Castle, Lattakias
day 5 : Ugarit, St. Simeon, Serjilla, Al-Bara
day 6 : Aleppo
day 7 : Ebla, Apamea, Hama
day 8 : Raqqa, Rasafeh, Euphrates, Deir ez-Zor
day 9 : Mari, Dura Europos, Palmyra
day 10 : Palmyra
day 11 : Palmyra, Damascus
day 12 : Bosra, Shahba, Suweida, Damascus
day 13 : Day free in Damascus
day 14 : Departure from Damascus

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