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One week Tour 08 Days / 07 Nights:

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Classical Tour 08 Days / 07 Nights:

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Combine Syrie-Jordan
From the splendid oasis of Palmyra to the mysterious Red Rose City of Petra 14 days/ 13 nights

This tour offers an excellent insight into the history of the fascinating countries of Syria and Jordan. The eternal memory of the Orient will reveal itself through its jewels jealously hidden all across its beautiful landscapes and also through its fragrant perfumes and delicious meals, local specialties…. You will discover forgotten civilizations of the millinery cities, ruins of ancient roman bastions and gates to the dry desert, where Palmyra arises, the city of thousand columns and thousand palm trees with its temple of Bel, which floating in the colors of the setting sun will dazzle you like a mirage. You will encounter the architectural perfection of the monuments of faith and also the medieval military art in the imposing crusader castles. You will be charmed by the air from the ancient times which floats through the sumptuous capitals of Islam, Damascus and Aleppo and be stunned with Bosra´s jewels, among which the theatre immaculately preserved in its corset of fortifications. The little country, Jordan, is out of three quarts invaded by the desert which conceals numerous jewels: the splendid roman city of Jerash, Madaba famous for its fabulous mosaics, Jerash's citadel…Jordan is often characterized as a kingdom of colors: from the blue depths of the Dead sea, the pink Petra and white Amman, vivify this country the yellow, orange and golden tones of the desert. The shadow of Lawrence of Arabia will follow you across Wadi Rum…

day 1 :Arrival Damascus
day 2 :Damascus
day 3 :Maaloula, Krack des Chevaliers, Tartus, Amrit, Lattakia
day 4 :Ugarit, Saladin Castle, St. Simeon, Aleppo
day 5 :Aleppo
day 6 :Palmyra, Ebla, Apamea, Hama, Palmyra
day 7 :Palmyra, Damascus
day 8 :Bosra, Jerash
day 9 :Philladelphia, Dead Sea, Amman
day 10 :Mount Nebo, Madaba, Kerak, Petra
day 11 :Petra
day 12 :Aqaba, Wadi Rum, Red Sea
day 13 :Aqaba
day 14 :Departure from Amman or from Aqaba


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