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Jasmin Tours, a leading Tour Operator, privately owned and independent tour and travel company, was founded in 1994 and is based in Damascus. Jasmin Tours has many years of experience of bringing tourists to Syria and provides an unrivaled insider's knowledge of travels within Syria.

The company is composed of a quality international team and is thus uniquely placed to offer an unparalleled service. Jasmin Tours proposes a wide range of accommodation, from the most luxurious hotels to those for backpackers on a budget. Mr. Zakwan Halabi, Jasmin's owner and managing director, promises his personal attention to all travel plans, itineraries and tour details.

Jasmin Tours's team has looked after groups, independent travellers VIPs from Europe, the Americas and Asia; understands their various travel objectives and knows how to satisfy their needs. With guides fluent in English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Czech and Swedish, Jasmin can offer a personalized and knowledgeable service to clients from around the world.

This fascinating and unspoiled country is opening up as a tourist attraction that is both appealing and accessible. The country boasts excellent accommodation, roads and communication. And the tourist sights, areas of natural beauty, historical importance and archaeological interest are beyond compare.
The names themselves create their own enchantment; Damascus, the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world; the ancient city of Palmyra, reputedly built by Solomon; the extraordinary crusader’s castle of Crack des Chevalier. All are unforgettable, all add to the allure of Syria.

As the saying goes: Every cultivated man has two homelands, his own and Syria.
Ahlan wa sahlan: Welcome!
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