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Hiking Tour Long

From Crusader Castles to Doorways of Desert 11 days/ 10 nights

Since the dawn of the civilization, Syria was a point of convergence of many famous roads and expeditions:  the caravans carrying silk from China, pilgrim's way to Mecca, conquest of Alexander the Great, of his generals and of other legendary warriors including the medieval Crusaders clod in dazzling armours… all of these ventures left behind them a spectacular witness throughout Syria, in the plains and the fertile valleys, on the peaks of mountains, in the vibrant cities. On this tour enveloped with perfumes of roses, cedars and orange trees you will cross various Syrian sceneries. In the north you will reach till the Turkish border and explore the rugged limestone region, which is scattered with the pathetic Dead Cities found in extraordinary abundance and astonishing state of preservation, these are ruined ‘ghost’ towns and cities with churches and monasteries abandoned by the Christians in the 7th century. Heading your way through the green coastal terraced hills supporting olive groves, tobacco and rich fruit orchards you will reach Lattakia and its beaches and explore medieval fortresses, the eternal castles witnessing the big adventure of the crusades. Eastwards you will cross the desert along the dramatic desolate hills of bare rock to the millenary cities on the banks of the mythical Euphrates and meet the fabled Palmyra rising from the sand, which resounds by legends that accompanied the caravans transporting treasures from the Orient (silk, perfumes, spices, ivory and pearls).  Upon you return to Damascus you will admire the fresh air that blows through the fabulous Ghouta and through gardens of the Barada Valley.

day 1 : Arrival Damascus

day 2 : Damascus
day 3 : Maaloula, Krack des Chevaliers,St.-George, Safita
day 4 : Safita, Marqab Castle, Lattakia
day 5 : Ugarit, Bab al-Hawa, Sarmada, Qalb Lozeh, Aleppo
day 6 : Aleppo, St. Simeon, Dead Cities,Aleppo
day 7 : Ebla, Apamea, Hama, Palmyra
day 8 : Palmyra
day 9 :Free day in Damascus
day 10 :Zabadani, Bloudan, Damascus
day 11 :Departure from Damascus

Hiking 3-Sahara
In the furrows of Caravans of the Sun 11 Day / Night 10

You will live through thousand and one adventures in the country of Aladin, who will lead you through mountains and valleys of luxuriant verdure, through the harshness of the desert to the banks of the mythical Euphrates, among the Bedouins. Unexpected treasures will enchant you – Crusader castles in the magical setting of the Jebel Ansariye and imposing Castles of desert, mysterious phantoms of the Dead Cities dispersed in the lime hills, and, of course, the breathtaking pearl of the desert Palmyra, the legendary oasis which suddenly rises in front of your eyes like a mirage. Wandering through the labyrinth of souks in Aleppo and Damascus  you will discover the magic world of legends, the world of Sinbad and other smart merchants from the fairytales… The magic nights spent in a Bedouin tent in the heart of desert and riding on the back of camels like the Bedouins will make from this trip an unforgettable experience … You will travel off the beaten track, encounter people of legendary hospitality and taste the delicious meals in this fascinating country far from the tourist crowds….

day 1 :Arrival at Damascus

day 2 :Damascus
day 3 :Krack des Chevaliers, St George
day 4 :Safita
day 5 :Saladin Castle, Arwad Island, Lattakia
day 6 :Aleppo
day 7 :St. Simeon, Aleppo
day 8 :Qalat Jaber, Assad Lake, Raqqa
day 9 :Rasafeh, night in the desert
day 10 :Qasr al-Heir al-Sharki, Palmyra
day 11 :Palmyra
day 12 :With camels through desert, Abbassia source
day 13 :Palace Sukkari , dinner and night in a Bedouin tent
day 14 :Damascus
day 15 :Departure from Damascus

Hiking Short
On the Road of Conquerors: From Alexander to Saladin 8 days / 7 nights

This tour is a colourful mosaic combining stunning sceneries of rare natural beauty and unique cultural heritage sites. You will spend a charming week laced with gentle treks and charming walks scattered with world's great monuments, famous old castles, ruined towns, cities and monastic establishments which enveloped in perfume of roses, lilies, iris, daisies and various blooming wild flowers narrate the bygone glory. On the Mediterranean littoral you will discover the face of  first cities of the past (Ugarit), nearby, in the calm shadow of the pines covering mountains of  the Jabel Ansariye, gigantic Crusader castles (Krack des Chevaliers) will open their gates. You will be stunned by the beauty of the museum in the open air of the mysterious Dead Cities.  Fabulous caravan cities rise abruptly from sand in the rugged desert (Ebla, Palmyra) and dramatic bare stone mountains hide many picturesque villages (Maaloula).  The green carpet of plains of the Orontes Valley and the fertile Ghouta with its gardens have always attired steps of numerous pilgrims. You will contrast these calms moments with the frenetic atmosphere of the vibrant cities of Aleppo and Damascus. Syria is a fascinating country where history left its imprints on every stone.

day 1 :Arrival Damascus
day 2 :Damascus
day 3 :Maaloula, Krack des Chevaliers,Tartus, Lattakia
day 4 :Ugarit, Saladin Castle, Aleppo
day 5 :Aleppo
day 6 :Ebla, Apamea, Hama, Palmyra
day 7 :Palmyra, Damascus
day 8 :Damascus

Special offer Tours
Fairytale of the Orient 8 days/ 7 nights

Syria appears as a colorful mosaic of colors, smells and sounds. This one week tour captures the spirit of Orient with its charms and legends. You will admire the beauty and splendor of its archaeological sites, imposing castles, ancient cities and wonderful sceneries. In the rich ancient kingdoms of Ugarit and Ebla you will discover the face of the first cities that rose and fell thousands years ago. Krack des Chevaliers dramatically located in the mountains will remain you of the tormented era of the Crusaders. Experience the magic of Damascus, the oldest inhabited city in the world, with its mesmerizing labyrinth of souks, the lavishly ornamented palaces, narrow picturesque streets and ancient houses, and of the fairytale city of Aleppo enveloped in the perfume of roses, fragrant soaps and incense. Palmyra in the colors of the setting sun and the highly atmospheric, magnetizing ‘Dead Cities’ will make Syria for you unforgettable. This land of outstanding beauty and fascinating history rolls out the carpets of jasmine to invite you to discover its splendid and undreamt gems.

day 1 :Arrival Damascus
day 2 :Damascus
day 3 :Maaloula, Krack des Chevaliers, Amrit, Lattakia
day 4 :Ugarit, Saladin Castle, Aleppo
day 5 :Aleppo
day 6 :Ebla, Hama, Palmyra
day 7 :Palmyra, Damascus
day 8 :Departure from Damascus


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